Get faster to the action on your Deadlands: the Weird West virtual tabletop with these pre-generated Archetype character cards!

We know many Game Masters use a virtual tabletop to find gaming friends across the globe, or even to manage combat at a physical game table from their laptop. We always recommend the fantastic and fully-integrated Fantasy Grounds software, but for those who use other services, we’ve created these VTT packages.

The 12 Archetype cards include: Cowgirl, Native Scout, Metal Mage, Bounty Hunter, Saloon Girl, Sawbones, Shaman, US Marshal, Vaquero, Voodooist, Witch, Muckraker

This product includes our Deadlands: the Weird West Archetypes Set 2 Cards added during the Deadlands: Blood Drive Kickstarter, formatted as individual graphics for use on your virtual tabletop platform of choice. These cards supplement those found in the Deadlands: the Weird West Core Boxed Set. Archetype Set 2 may be used with any Deadlands: the Weird West adventure or Plot Point Campaign.

You will need the Savage Worlds Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Action, Adventure, and Power Cards product available here, as well as the Savage Worlds core rules and Deadlands: the Weird West, to use this product.