Products from Sigil Entertainment – Now Available in Our Store!

Published On: September 20, 2022Categories: New Release, News, Sigil Entertainment, VTT

Just a couple months ago, we promoted the partnering of Sigil Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Today, we are thrilled to announce that several of Sigil’s amazing products are now available to purchase directly from our web store… with more to come!

  • Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e PDF and the Ancestry & Culture Foundry VTT Module: Updated character creation rules for 5e that replace race with ancestry, culture, and mixed heritage, for awesome new PCs. $9.99/$6.99
  • Hereafter PDF and the Hereafter Foundry VTT Module: Hereafter is a unique setting and an accompanying adventure written for 5e. This story begins where another ends, with the death of the player characters! It is designed for an adventuring party of three to seven 6th-level characters, but clear guidance is given for characters from levels 1-10. $14.99/$9.99
  • Dragon vs. Lich Showdown: A Savage Tale: Dragon vs Lich Showdown is and adventure for Savage Worlds designed for maximum flexibility. Any group of four to six heroes, from Novice to Legendary Rank, may undertake this scenario. What they’re able to accomplish, however, depends on how powerful and daring they are! If Dragon vs Lich Showdown is used as part of an ongoing campaign, it is well-placed in any high mountain pass linking civilized lands to a wilderness area beyond the range. $4.99
  • Temple of the First Fire: A Savage Tale: Temple of the First Fire is a Savage Worlds fantasy adventure in which a group of heroes must stop an ancient, evil witch known as the Raven Mocker from stealing the eternal flame that lights the sun. If the witch succeeds, it will plunge all humanity into endless darkness. $2.99
  • Dungeon Delve #1: A Fantasy Zine for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition: Dungeon Delve is a new fantasy roleplaying zine bringing dungeon crawls to fans of Savage Worlds! Dungeon Delve includes an adventure generator by Alan Bahr (Tiny Dungeon), a short story by John Wick (7th Sea), a hoard of magic items, brand new monsters chock-full of savage goodness, dozens of deadly traps, and three adventures. $4.99
  • The Savage Sign 01: Inside this amazing-looking volume, you’ll find an entertaining bundle of goodies to enhance your Savage Worlds fun. There are four immersive settings, exciting new character options, awesome gear, new custom setting rules, five Creature Features, 12 Savage Tales, two short stories, a six-page comic, and more to make your fun faster and even more furious! $14.99
  • The Savage Sign 02: This second volume of the Savage Sign contains two immersive settings, exciting new character options, awesome gear, new custom setting rules, 12 Savage Tales, and more! $14.99

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