Q & As: Fear Agent™ RPG and The Goon™ RPG!

Published On: April 4, 2017Categories: News

KS_Cover_DoubleWe’ve had a lot of love from RPG.net* and #RPGnet chat lately!

Matthew Cutter, Deadlands Brand Manager and author of Eris Beta-V for The Last Parsec talked about working on The Goon™ RPG with Hardboiled GMshoe Dan Davenport. You can read the #RPGnet chat transcript here.

John “Night Train” Goff, author of fan favorites like Deadlands Noir and Deadlands Hell on Earth, talks about his latest project—Fear Agent™ RPG—in the #RPG.net chat on April 12th. Mark your calendars now, faithful Fear Agents!

Our friends at RPG.net also had some questions for the PEG team about the latest Kickstarter Double Feature for Fear Agent™ RPG and The Goon™ RPG.

RPG.net editor Rich Beaulieu grilled the PEG staff about the impact of running two Kickstarters at once, where the art comes from, and how to balance characters like Heath Huston from Fear Agent™ and Goon from The Goon™. Read the RPG.net Q & A here!

*You know they’re not associated, RPG.net and #rpgnet chat, right? Good. 



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