Results of the Savage Worlds Aces Community Survey 2022

Published On: July 19, 2022Categories: News

If you’re an active Savage Worlds licensee, you’re contemplating producing licensed content of your own, or you’re just curious, the results of the recent Savage Worlds Aces Community Survey 2022 have been posted online for all to see.

“In June-July 2022, Dragonlaird Gaming, a Savage Worlds Ace (licensee), ran a survey for the Savage Worlds community on behalf of all Savage Aces. The intent was to see what the community wanted most in terms of Savage Worlds content and what channels they used to find out about new content being published.”

The five questions asked were:

  • What social media do you prefer to use to connect to the Savage Worlds community?
  • What kinds of digital Savage Content do you buy and value most?
  • What kind of physical Savage Worlds products do you buy and value most?
  • Where do you prefer to find out about Savage Worlds news including new products, Kickstarters, and other events?
  • What VTT platforms do you use when playing Savage Worlds virtually?

Check out the free six-page summary of the survey results here!

Yes, I want to hear about new products, sales, and news from the community!