Reviews from the Ancient Past to the Interstellar Future!

Published On: February 3, 2015Categories: News

Savage Worlds on the WebIt’s been a big week for the span of Savage Worlds reviews, taking us from the secret histories of Weird Wars: Rome to the far reaches of space in The Last Parsec! doubled down on their Weird Wars: Rome coverage, adding Matt Staggs’ interview with authors Shane Hensley and Teller to last week’s review of Weird Wars: Rome. Drop by for the full scoop on our vision of a Roman Empire fighting battles lost to history against dark foes biding their time to strike again.

If you’d rather see the future, check out Game Geek’s review of The Last Parsec series. Game Master Kurt Wiegel goes into depth on what the different books are, how they relate, and what you can do with them. If you’ve got any questions, he’ll probably cover them for you as well as give you his learned opinion!

As always, you can pop over to the Pinnacle Web Store for more details on Weird Wars: Rome, any of the other Weird Wars games, or The Last Parsec.

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