Savage Rifts®: Atlantis and the Demon Seas—Now on Foundry VTT

Published On: February 14, 2023Categories: New Release, News, VTT

Attention Rifters®!

Rifts® for Savage Worlds Atlantis and the Demon Seas is now available for Foundry VTT!

Shrouded by the Demon Seas, birthplace of a wondrous human civilization, and now host to a bizarre cosmic evil: Atlantis is a threat like no other. The massive isle is ruled by the Splugorth, and from it their tendrils of influence snake out across Rifts® Earth. Yet the Splugorth are not the only threat inhabiting the treacherous waters—the Horune Pirates, Naut’Yll invaders, and the Lord of the Deep also haunt the world’s oceans. On their own, each of these menaces is a curse to humanity at sea and onshore. Together, they endanger intelligent life across the planet!

This module contains:

🔱 62 new Allies and Adversaries to challenge your players
🔱 10 Drag and drop Races
🔱 10 ready to use Iconic Frameworks and MARS Packages
🔱 Six new pre-made player Archetypes including an True Atlantean Undead Slayer, Ogre Tattooed Warrior, and Lemurian Ocean Wizard
🔱 Unique items for Tattoo Magic and Rune Weapons
🔱 10 fully stylized journals with 180 pages of rules and lore

Pick up Atlantis and the Demon Seas for Rifts® for Savage Worlds from our store and defend the future on Foundry VTT!

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