Two new boosters bring the Americas to your gaming table.

South America: Land of a Thousand Islands

The beautiful continent of South America is beset by war, invasion, and destruction. The scheming Lagarto lizardfolk reach their claws toward their peaceful neighbors to the north. Cordoba’s surprise invasion of Santiago has dragged five nations into an all-out war. The brazen vampire kingdom of Haktla casts a shadow of doom over the Republic of Colombia. And the invading Arkhon aliens could spell the end of all free life on the continent – or even Earth itself.

Two Legions

The Tomorrow Legion has found new allies in the Megaversal Legion, a group of interdimensional mercenaries with hearts of gold. Together, they work to unite the other factions of South America against their aggressors. An Incan Empire led by the gods themselves, the hidden True Atlantean City of Gold, the mysterious Jungle Elves of Maga Island, and more join the effort to stem the tide of destruction in an epic Plot Point® Campaign.

Rifts® for Savage Worlds South America: Land of a Thousand Islands leads a tour of the war-stricken, legendary continent in all its glory:

  • Wield powerful new mystical arts like Nazca Line Magic, Biomancy, and Gizmoteering.
  • Bring new life to the Crazy, Techno-Wizard, and Combat Cyborg with new Edges and tons of new gear.
  • Play exciting new options like the Demigod, Amazon Huntress, and Anti-Monster.

All this and more await you in the Land of a Thousand Islands.

Terror on the Dark Frontier

In Terror on the Dark Frontier, the Tomorrow Legion heads west under the big sky to explore new partnerships and uncover brewing conflicts that threaten the fragile peace. Aggressive Coalition expansion presses the Comanche Preserve and many independent kingdoms must choose sides in the coming showdown. Ruthless Simvan raiders grow bolder while the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry dispenses high plains justice. The buffalo roam again, but so do untold supernatural creatures and monsters.