Rifts® for Savage Worlds One Sheet & Revised Character Folio

Published On: April 19, 2022Categories: New Release, News

Adventure in Atlantis calls to you, will you answer?

Originally featured in our popular Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Atlantis Rising Actual Play from last summer, Operation Astrea is a FREE One Sheet adventure suitable for an evening of fun with friends or that next convention game session.

“A group of heroes receives a distress call while escorting a convoy of escaped slaves by ship from Atlantis to North America. Breaking off to investigate, they find a New Navy task group under massive attack by Horune Pirates as it heads toward a rocky volcanic island.

“Assisting the New Navy embroils the team to stop an enormous slave raid in North America.”

This free One Sheet adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules, revised for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the revised edition of Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide and Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook. It features content from the Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Atlantis and the Demon Seas Sourcebook.

Additionally, the Savage Rifts® Character Folio has been updated (Version 4) for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and is now available with form-fillable fields on practically every page.

It includes a character sheet and multiple options to optimize your character’s info as well as NEW features like bookmarks, custom images, text and background options, faction icons, and health levels as well as robot and vehicle health.

Print as many of these pages as you need! This may come in handy when you run out of space for all the Nemeses you’ve made.

For step-by-step details on how to best use the Savage Rifts® Character Folio, be sure to check out this handy Advanced Features video on YouTube from Jeremy Colantonio:

🔱 And finally, our PledgeManager for Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Atlantis Rising will slip back into the sea at the end of May as we expect shipping to backers to begin in June! If you still need to pre-order any items, be sure to hop into the PledgeManager and make your selections today.

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