Rippers Resurrected Available for Fantasy Grounds

Published On: May 17, 2016Categories: News

Rippers Resurrected for Fantasy GroundsRippers Resurrected is now available for Fantasy Grounds. Use it as a campaign management tool for yourself or play a campaign online. Either way, you get all the NPCs, Plot Points, Rippertech, gear, and lodges preloaded and ready to go!

You also get a new custom skin for Fantasy Grounds, changeable desktop decals, and more Bennie graphics. There are even features for managing Reason, Favors, Lodge Points, and Advances to fully immerse yourself in the setting. For more of a taste, go watch the video walk-through.

For full details, read the web listings for Rippers Resurrected: Game Master’s Handbook for Fantasy Grounds (or on Steam) and Rippers Resurrected: Player’s Guide for Fantasy Grounds (also available on Steam).

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