Roll20 GM’s Day Sale On Savage Worlds and So Much More!

Published On: March 5, 2024Categories: News, Sale, VTT

Now through next Monday, March 11th, Roll20 is celebrating GMs with discounts of up to 40% OFF on a wide variety of virtual tabletop essentials!

Visit the Roll20 marketplace today and simply do a search for whichever products you’re looking for and the applied discounts will be displayed on each item:

40% OFF!

🎲 Dawn of the Daikaiju – $8.99 (normally $14.99)
🎲 Deadlands – The Weird West Core Rules – $17.99 (normally $29.99)
🎲 Deadlands: Horror at Headstone Hill – $8.99 (normally $14.99)
🎲 Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds – Core Rules – $23.99 (normally $39.99)
🎲 Rifts® for Savage Worlds Mega Bundle – $23.99 (normally $39.99)
🎲 Savage Worlds Adventure Deck – $5.99 (normally $9.99)
🎲 Savage Worlds Core Rules Bundle – $20.99 (normally $34.99)

Plus many, many other items on sale for between 15% and 40% OFF!

Don’t miss out on this stupendous GM’s Day Sale, now through Monday, March 11th in the Roll20 marketplace.

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