Roll20 GM’s Day Spotlight Includes Wisdom from Our Own Chris Landauer

Published On: March 12, 2024Categories: News, VTT

Last week, Roll20 Senior Marketing Manager, Jayme Boucher shared an excellent blog post titled GM’s Day Spotlight: Wisdom from Industry Pros. In it, you’ll find a wealth of sage advice from seasoned Game Masters, players, publishers, and independent creators including our very own Christopher Landauer (PEG’s Director of Marketing)!

Look for Chris’ contributions marked with his initials “CL” and also watch for a link to the Savage Worlds Core Rules Bundle for Roll20 that includes the SWADE Core Rulebook compendium, the Savage Worlds Action Deck, the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, and a host of Savage Worlds Rollable Tables & Macros (as an added bonus), all for just $34.99!

Check out this superb article, and be sure to visit the Roll20 Marketplace to upgrade your Savage Worlds virtual tabletop collection today!

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