Rollin’ Bones with Ryan Howard Interview with John Goff

Published On: May 10, 2022Categories: Media, News

In the latest installment of Rollin’ Bones with Ryan Howard, Ryan is joined by the one and only, John Goff (Deadlands, Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Deadlands Noir, and many others) to chat about gaming, Savage Worlds, and even a bit about the highly-anticipated Deadlands: Dark Ages!

John also talks about his early days of tabletop gaming with Pinnacle President Shane Hensley, the creation of Night Train for Deadlands, his job as a Private Investigator, and one especially embarrassing incident involving author Jim Butcher.

If you’re a fan of John’s work (and who isn’t?), this interview is definitely one to watch!

Check it out right now over on the ValoreStudios channel on Twitch.

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