S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying in Print & for Foundry VTT

Published On: February 28, 2023Categories: New Release, News, S5E from Sigil, Sigil Entertainment

Dark Times Call for Superheroes…

“Injustice, terrorism, and violent crime are on the rise. Our cities are battlegrounds, our suburbs are no longer safe. Who will step up and be counted? Who will bring hope to a world on the edge of despair? Gear up and assemble your team. You’re in for one Hell of a fight!”

Heads up, heroes! All preorders and backer orders of S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition have shipped and books are now standing ready on the shelves of our warehouse, available for direct order.

Additionally, if Foundry VTT is your jam, you can also now grab the S5E module from our online store.

The S5E module features:

🌟 Full integration with the dnd5e system
🌟 10 Super Heroic Classes, with 28 subclasses
🌟 583 Superpowers
🌟 Superheroic Spell Progression & Armor Class
🌟 Support for Ancestry & Culture
🌟 Ammunition Tracking and Modern Weapons
🌟 Morale Tracker and Inspiration HUD

With S5E, you can have the superheoric adventures you love from comics, film, and TV, with the system you know and love!

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