Saddle Up and Ride Into Deadlands: the Weird West with Critical Role

Published On: October 1, 2019Categories: News
Marshal Brian W. Foster & Ivan Van Norman as “The Bartender”

Listen up, Critters!*

Every Friday this month, join our good friends with Critical Role as they take a trip into the Weird West with UnDeadwood, a four-part episodic Deadlands saga set in the not-so-sleepy town of Deadwood, where rumors of supernatural happenings and illegal mining activity have come to a head.

Ride along with Marshal Brian W. Foster and an incredible cast of characters including Marisha Ray, Matthew Mercer, Khary Payton, Anjali Bhimani, Travis Willingham and Ivan Van Norman as The Bartender.

Deadlands Reloaded: Marshal's Handbook
Deadlands Reloaded: Player's Guide

Please note that UnDeadwood will be using a work-in-progress/playtest version of the revised, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules for Deadlands, but if you’ve never taken your own journey into the Weird West, you can jump right in today by pickin’ up the Deadlands Player’s Guide and Marshal’s Handbook, along with a copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (the newest iteration of our core rules), and the free SWADE conversion doc.

These Critical Role forays into the Weird West will stream Fridays on Twitch all month long (VOD released on YouTube on Sundays).

* Critters is what fans of Critical Role refer to themselves as, but coincidentally, it’s also a term we use in Deadlands for abominations, beasties, and some o’ the biggest and baddest in the Weird West! it’s kismet!

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