Savage Mojo Kickstarting a Full Shaintar Campaign Book!

Published On: April 11, 2017Categories: News

ShaintarThunderingSkiesOne of the biggest Savage Worlds Licensee settings, Shaintar is rich, detailed, and proud of its tagline “Epic High Fantasy.” Sean Patrick Fannon’s world has always delivered classic fantasy for Savages, but there hasn’t been a “Plot Point, Savage Tales, and all the trimmings” campaign book.

That’s changing—right now, in fact!

Savage Mojo, the publishers of Shaintar, are running the Shaintar: Thundering Skies Kickstarter, and it’s crackling with high voltage energy. The team is funding the production of the campaign book, but also offering reward tiers for participating in the campaign creation, by working with the developers on creating your own villains, allies, or entire plot twists for the main story arc.

Whether you want to have your name on the credits for a premium Savage Worlds campaign book, or whether you just want to secure yourself a copy at a good price (maybe snagging some shiny stretch goals along the way), check out the Shaintar: Thundering Skies Kickstarter today!

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