Savage Rifts AMA with Sean Owen Roberson

Published On: July 23, 2019Categories: News

This Wednesday, July 24, will host Sean Owen Roberson, editor and author of the Savage Rifts® product line, for a live “Ask Me Anything” session beginning at 9:30pm Eastern.

This is your chance to pick Sean’s brain about the “Playtest” version of the Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, as well as the three new titles from the Savage Rifts® American Armageddon Kickstarter.

The conversation will stream live on YouTube, and you can ask your questions in the chat. If you can’t make it tomorrow night, post your questions in the Savage Rifts forums right now!

We’ll see all you Glitter Boys, Cyber-Knights, Juicers, and Ley Line Walkers on YouTube this Wednesday night! is an active play-by-post community with over 70 active players, focused entirely on Savage Rifts®. Join the fight today!

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