Savage Rifts® in Palladium’s Surprise Package

Published On: November 21, 2017Categories: News

If you’re a fan of Rifts® (Savage or otherwise), be sure to check out the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package available now through December 24th from Palladium Books®.

The Rifts® setting is expansive and growing with 90+ available titles, and the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package, direct from Palladium Books®, is a great way for Savage Rifts® players to learn more about Rifts Earth and expand the scope of their Rifts® adventures!

For just $45 USD (plus shipping and handling), you’re guaranteed to get between $90 and $100 worth of Rifts® grab bag goodness! You might get items from your wish list, Savage Rifts® products, maps, issues of The Rifter®, special edition comic books, and other surprises. All items are hand-picked by Kevin Siembieda, the Founder and Lead Game Designer at Palladium, and ALL items come with autographs if you request them.

Click here to get all the details, fill out your wish list, and place a Surprise Package order today to guarantee you all have a very Merry Rifts®-mas!

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