Savage Rifts® is Coming to Your Virtual Tabletops

Published On: August 4, 2020Categories: News

Over the weekend (to coincide with Gen Con Online), our own Sean Owen Roberson, line editor and author of the Savage Rifts® product line, joined Rifts® creator and owner of Palladium Books®, Kevin Siembieda for a colossal, two-and-a-half hour chat about all things Rifts®!

While fans of Rifts® are sure to enjoy the entire interview, one of the most exciting exchanges (around the one hour and 35 minute mark) deals with the eventual, official appearance of Savage Rifts® on Fantasy Grounds!

While it’s still early days yet, now that we have Mr. Siembieda’s blessing, it won’t be too long before your Cyber-Knights, Glitterboys, Juicers, and Mind Melters can officially battle horrors from the Rifts® on Fantasy Grounds and all your other favorite VTTs.

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