Savage Rifts® Resources and Videoplays!

Published On: August 9, 2016Categories: News

Rifts for Savage Worlds on the WebRifts® for Savage Worlds is quickly becoming a world of many worlds unto itself! I suggest you come for a nice long visit soon.

Be sure to check out the G+ Savage Rifts® Community, and don’t forget to join the Savage Rifts® Facebook Group. Along with all the great conversations, there’s a lot of very enthusiastic folks creating (and re-creating) great races, cool ideas for Iconic Frameworks, and talking about their adventures in Savage Rifts®.

You can also watch a videocast of Ross Watson running the Savage Rifts® All Stars game at Ropecon. The first three and a half hours is all his game, run for designers and well-known folks in the Finnish gaming community. See it in action—with Finns!

Yes, I want to hear about new products, sales, and news from the community!