Savage Saturday Cinema is Coming Soon!

Published On: January 2, 2024Categories: New Release, News, Savage Saturday Cinema

Coming soon to a Savage Worlds GM screen near you…

Savage Saturday Cinema from Pinnacle Entertainment Group is an exciting way to play, livestream, and enjoy all-new adventures brimming with thrills, chills, and plenty of action!

Designed for single sessions of play, these fleeting forays into wild worlds of horror, science fiction, and sword and sorcery are sure to satisfy those looking for Fast, Furious, and FUN times at their game tables.

Written by a number of PEG luminaries, each full-color Savage Saturday Cinema adventure features a fully-fleshed out cast of characters, new big bads, maps, and other goodies to get you into the action before the lights dim.

We’ll have lots more to share with you about Savage Saturday Cinema soon, so watch this space (after you watch this trailer) and don’t forget the popcorn! 🍿

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