Now Playing! Savage Saturday Cinema: The Voronezh Incident

Published On: June 25, 2024Categories: New Release, News, Savage Saturday Cinema

From Pinnacle Entertainment Group…

“Apologies for the sparse brief, but we have little time. The situation is urgent!”

The latest in our line of Savage Saturday Cinema adventures has clawed its way out of its cage and is now available in our store for just $9.99 USD!

The Voronezh Incident is a pulpy creature feature set in a rural Soviet town during the Cold War. A group of international super scientists (think Jonny Quest and the Venture Brothers) are summoned to investigate reports of oversized, mutated creatures wreaking havoc. Monsters, spies, and mad science await!

This tale is brought to you by Sara Martinez, author and frequent contributor to Savage Worlds—and if you’ve ever had an issue with an order she might have been the one who helped get it fixed.

Savage Saturday Cinema adventures are self-contained, easy to run, and come with a complement of pregenerated characters. All you need to play is this adventure, some dice, a card deck, and a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules.

FREE Test Drive of the Savage Worlds rules is available on our website along with character sheets and other useful tools.

The Voronezh Incident is available in our store now for just $9.99 USD!

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