A vast land of magic, mystery, and martial arts-themed adventure awaits!

Ghost Mountain is a sacred site containing a physical gate to the underworld, and the Ghost Wardens who reside there are dedicated to making sure the souls of the dead pass peacefully through to the afterlife. But something has gone wrong. An army of the dead is rampaging across the land, committing atrocities against the living. Only the Ghost Wardens can set things right.

Ghost Wardens draw magical power from strong emotions. Rage. Fear. Joy. Disgust. Sorrow. Only a handful of candidates pass the harrowing trials to harness these emotions—a process that turns their hair white. Those who succeed are privy to mystical martial arts techniques. Here the styles aren’t based on the movements of animals but the feelings that drive human triumphs and tragedies.

Legend of Ghost Mountain includes the “Face the Inevitable” Plot Point Campaign. Plot Points provide a structure for Game Masters to tell big stories but leave room for individual adventures (Savage Tales or your own custom creations) between the major beats. The players must make world-changing decisions and lead the battle against the rebellious dead.


Legend of Ghost Mountain


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