The final chapter in the Deadlands saga takes place on the distant planet of Banshee

Thirteen years before Hell on Earth, the “mad” Doctor Darius Hellstromme invented a “tunnel” through space and discovered a wondrous and inhabitable planet called “Banshee.” Colonists flocked to the resource-rich world and slowly came into conflict with the native “anouks.”

Then the apocalypse called “Hell on Earth” came. The colonists were trapped with the angry natives. Worse, the anouks awakened an ancient evil to drive these invaders from their homeworld. Cut off and alone, the Colonial Rangers must attempt to bring peace to Banshee—and deal with the most unexpected visitors of all—the Reckoners.

Lost Colony was originally published as a “dual stat” book, featuring statistics for both the “Classic” system and d20 (available on our Deadlands: Classic product page). A Kickstarter reintroduced the line for Savage Worlds in 2019, using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.


Deadlands: Lost Colony


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