Savage Worlds puts you right in the action! From the boiling plains of the weird west, into the depths of a frozen tomb, across the universe in the heart of a dying sun, or right across the street in a world just like our own, you can play anytime, anywhere!

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is the latest version of the award-winning rules, combining twenty years of play and refinement. If you break out the grid and play with miniatures or weave a tale of action and adventure with theater of the mind, Savage Worlds is ready with systems to support the way you want to play.

Disarm a bomb just in time with a Dramatic Task. Use the Chases to outrun post-apocalyptic dune drivers or race down your intergalactic bounty hiding in the asteroid belt! Take a moment to learn more about your characters with an Interlude, huddled around a fire high up in the wind-swept mountains. Need to resolve something dramatic right away? A Quick Encounter compresses all the drama and tension of a longer scene into a few short rolls.