Adventures of Victorian-era spacefaring

Since Thomas Edison first explored the worlds with the help of his marvelous ether propeller, the British Empire has grown to include the red plains and stately canals of Mars, the streaming dinosaur-infested swamps of Venus, and even a remote outpost in the twilight zone of Mercury. In 1889, the sun truly never sets on the British Empire!

But deep inside the Empire a core of revolt festers and grows. Martian cults cry out for the Earthlings’ expulsion. Britain teeters at the edge of war with the Oenotrian Empire. In the midst of seething turmoil, the being known only as Kronos siezes the technology of a forgotten race to threaten the very future of mankind!

Space 1889 is based on Frank Chadwick’s game of Victorian Era spacefaring, updated to be played with the award-winning Savage Worlds game system.

Whether you’re noble or common, learned or brutish, Human or otherwise, the Explorer’s Society offers a place for you to help turn the tide against the unknown threats. Take to the stars, adventure, and duty. Brave the dangerous space of a seemingly-genteel era.