Savage Tales of Horror is Coming for You!

Published On: March 15, 2016Categories: News

Savage Tales of Horror, Volumes 1-3That’s right, even now a trio of books that can only be called Savage Tales of Horror are finding their way into your home—if you preordered, anyway. The printed books are now available, and preorders have all been shipped.

Each volume of Savage Tales of Horror brings you five adventures to bring terror to your gaming table and to haunt your players long after they’ve left your house. Doesn’t that just sound like…fun?

Maximize your potential for horror by buying all three of the Savage Tales of Horror in the Best of Horror Bundle, and get 10% off any of our other horror titles like the Horror Companion, East Texas University, Deadlands Reloaded, Hell on Earth, Deadlands Noir, and our Weird Wars titles. You can even summon forth a free set of Deadlands Fate Chips (Bennies) when your bundle order goes over $100. Try it. I dare you. Put over $100 from the bundle in your cart, and the “Add Free Fate Chips” coupon will appear like magic!

If you’ve not ordered yours, be sure to look them over today. You know, while the sun is still up, so you can still sleep tonight.

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