Savage Tales of the Red Band and The Lion Man Preview

Published On: August 1, 2017Categories: News

TLP_Red_Band_Part_I_Cover_900We’re getting all sci-fi up in here with Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I), by Brand Manager Matt Cutter and a Preview of the Lion Man playable race by Scott A. Woodard.

First, Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I) is an ongoing serial for The Last Parsecthe parts of which can be assembled to form a loose Plot Point Campaign. While this first part of the serial originally appeared in the second issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, you can now grab the PDF on its own for just $2.99 and start playing among the stars right away.

During the early exploration of the Known Worlds, JumpCorp survey teams color-coded bands of expansion. For several decades, the “red band” proved the most dangerous—and the most profitable. Eventually, several of these trailblazing charters joined together to form the “Red Band Conglomerate.” Red Band is so large it defies any simple description, much like JumpCorp itself. Its charters participate in everything from galactic defense to the usual gamut of exploration, shipping, and R&D.

This adventure series requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the Science Fiction Companion, and The Last Parsec core rule book.

Second, we’ve got a sneak peek of the Lion Man playable race from the upcoming Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game, and this PDF is completely free (unlike the people of Mongo under Ming the Merciless!)

Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I) and the Lion Man Preview were originally published in the Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2. For a Print+PDF copy, go here.

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