Savage Worlds Adventure Edition #SWADE PDF updated to v5.0

Published On: July 11, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, News

Greetings Wild Cards!

We have a new, fresh, and updated version of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Book (#SWADE) for you to download!

Updates are FREE for the lifetime of your purchase and this new file can be found under your Downloads on PEGINC listed as “Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules SWADE.” Those of you who have a copy of SWADE in your DriveThruRPG libraries will also now have access to the newest version on that platform.

This 5.0 version includes all the updates that will appear in the 5th Printing, which is now funding on Kickstarter if you’d like to pledge for a hardcover copy of the latest printing. The campaign also includes our new Accessories Box and a new $20 softcover Player’s Book for your collection.

The 5th Printing SWADE hardcover will also be available for pre-order following the campaign on PEGINC.COM.

Your prior printings of SWADE are not obsolete! You can find out exactly what has been updated since your physical copy was printed by downloading the FREE Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Updates document and referring to the bottom of the Credits page in your print copy. Every printing after the first (from 2018) lists which printing it is (Second Printing, Third Printing, etc.). If that isn’t listed, you have a First Printing, and all of the updates in the above document apply. Otherwise, you only need to reference the updates that have a higher update number than your printing.

We’re instituting a new versioning paradigm for this file, where v5.0 of the SWADE PDF is the newest version and will match the 5th Printing physical copies that will ship in several months. You might have a “v6.0” of the PDF already downloaded, this file supersedes that one and all of the updates in the above linked document reference the physical printings of SWADE, not prior digital versions.

File versions are located on the cover page of the PDF in the upper left corner as a yellow sticky note that is viewable in Adobe Acrobat Readers.

Due to the continued and unprecedented demand and the continued challenges with global printing and shipping, SWADE 4th Printing has just gone out of print again, meaning that we don’t currently have physical SWADE books available for purchase. Future orders for core books will be fulfilled with the 5th Printing.

For any customers who have a copy of SWADE already on order with one of our current crowdfunding campaigns that have not yet been fulfilled, please reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange for a refund or transfer of your SWADE copies to be fulfilled when the 5th Printing arrives in several months.

We’re thrilled to be celebrating the 20th year of Savage Worlds with you, our large and growing family of Wild Cards! SWADE is still going strong and even with our expedited release schedule we have many years’ worth of Companions, new and returning setting releases, and accessories planned to support the game you know and love.

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