Savage Worlds Category Comes to Twitch

Published On: December 17, 2019Categories: News

Up until recently, actual play RPG streams on Twitch were all lumped into the same category (you know the one), but if you’re searching for Deadlands, East Texas University, Savage Rifts®, and more, you’ll now find all your favorite settings and channels categorized under Savage Worlds!

Be sure to Follow this new category to ensure you get notified when new content is available. Our thanks to the folks over at Twitch for setting this up!

And, remember, if you’d like to create your own media materials or content for public use like actual play streams and podcasts, interviews and discussions about our game or settings (or blogs and other forms of expression), you can now use our Savage Worlds Media Network logo. There is no cost for this, and you don’t need to submit anything for approval.

Visit our licensing page for more information!

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