Savage Worlds Comes to World Anvil

Published On: May 12, 2020Categories: News

World Anvil is the ultimate Worldbuilding Toolset & RPG Campaign Manager for game masters and other creatives. With it’s extensive suite of tools, users of World Anvil can build complete, living worlds for their games, design interactive maps, manage timelines, create and organize individual characters, and, of course, run games!

And now, World Anvil offers full support for Savage Worlds!

Simply visit World Anvil’s site, create an account, and gain FREE access to character sheets, campaign management tools, and base worldbuilding.

If you’re a player, select the player option and create your character using the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition sheet (available in the dropdown menu). You can fill out as many details as you like about your character, have a fully interactive sheet, give them equipment, and use the social media style feed.

And if you’re a GM, just follow the Game Master’s option by creating a world setting for your campaign and then the campaign itself. You’ll be able to track plots, create NPCs in seconds, give the players quests, and make notes (which you’ll never lose). Plus the digital GM’s screen will keep everything you need right at your fingertips!

Check out their helpful tutorial videos for Creating a Campaign and Using the Digital Storytellers Screen, and get started managing your campaigns like never before with World Anvil!

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