I Can’t Wait! Where Do I Sign Up?

Complete the Authorization Form found on this page to get started: https://gameradventures.com/event/savage-worlds-cruise-2022/

Who do I contact with additional questions?
Kimberly Maita Smith
Ships and Trips Travel dba Gamer Adventures
3335B Watt Ave, Ste 285, Sacramento, CA 95821
[email protected]
(916) 233-9663 [Hawaii Time]

WHERE and WHEN are we going?

Mon    Jan 3, 2022               Port Canaveral (Orlando)
Tue     Jan 4, 2022               Gaming at Sea
Wed    Jan 5, 2022               Cozumel, Mexico
Thu     Jan 6, 2022               Belize
Fri       Jan 7, 2022               Costa Maya, Mexico
Sat       Jan 8, 2022              Gaming at Sea
Sun     Jan 9, 2022               Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Some of us will arrive in Orlando a few days early to explore the many local amenities and ring in the New Year. Stay tuned for options on how to extend your adventure outside the official cruise.

How Much is the Cruise?

Cruises are priced per person and assume double occupancy in staterooms. 
Interior Stateroom Berth               $775
Ocean View Stateroom Berth        $865
Balcony Stateroom Berth               $1040
Suites                                              Call for Quotes
Adventure Passport                         Included! ($225)
Taxes, Fees, Port Expenses               Included! (~$120)
Gratuities                                       Option to pre-pay (typically $80-95)
Travel Insurance                              Call for Quotes

What’s Covered in the Price?
* Your cabin on the ship, rooms are double occupancy.
* Your shipboard meals.
* No hidden taxes, fees, and port costs, they’re already included. If you’re comparison shopping (there are no true comparisons to the Savage Cruise!) make sure you factor in these hidden fees that most sites don’t show you until right before you book.
* Onboard entertainment and a host of included amenities for the whole family
* A hosted cocktail party. Our revelry last cruise may have caused a tsunami.
* Private Gaming Space
* Your Adventure Passport
* Exclusive Swag (apparel, commemorative keepsakes, functional cruise items, etc.)
* Exclusive Savage Worlds goodies (dice, bennies, adventures, and more!)

What’s NOT Covered in the Price?
* Gratuities. You’ll have the option to pre-pay these and it’s recommended.
* Travel Insurance. Not required. Recommended. Ask Kim for details.
* Transportation to Orlando. Pre- or Post-Cruise lodgings in Orlando (see Optional, below).

What Optional Expenses Will There Be?
* Beverage packages for adult drinks and bottomless sodas.
* You can also purchase alcoholic beverages and sodas individually.
* Shore Excursions. Many adventures await you!
* Fine dining reservations on-ship.
* Ring in the New Year with us in Orlando the weekend before the cruise leaves. Our travel agent Kim will help book hotels and if we have enough folks interested in a particular adventure we can look into group rates, etc.

What is the Adventure Passport?

The Adventure Passport is what you’re paying to Pinnacle versus Carnival for the event. It is what designates you as a member of our group and entitled to all the group benefits we will accrue with the cruise line and all the swag and benefits we will be providing as event organizers. Stateroom upgrades like onboard credits, complementary group photographs, and our cocktail party are examples of benefits that we can negotiate and help fund via the Adventure Passport that are delivered through Carnival. If we reach enough cruisers, and we think we will, options like private and discounted shore excursions will become available to us via the Adventure Passport.

Our Adventure Passport also allows us to make dining arrangements so that we will all be grouped together in the same area of the dining room and we will have the same Early Dining dinner time. This allows us to schedule evening events and games.

Our private gaming room and access to unused dining space at other times of the day are also secured by our Adventure Passport.

The Adventure Passport also funds the production of our commemorative swag, both gaming and cruise related, and helps us compensate the staff we need to run and manage our gaming and adventure events.  As you can see the benefits here are for all of our cruisers, and some are distributed by stateroom, so if you game a little or game a lot, you’re seeing the benefits of the Adventure Passport.

The Adventure Passport also unlocks your access to group activities, both in Orlando and at the ports we visit. Some of these activities such as ghost tours, theme park entrances, and excursions will come at an additional cost.

My non-gamer-significant-other, etc. isn’t going to game, should they pay for the Adventure Passport?

Yes. The Adventure Passport is for everyone in our group, even those we have yet to convince to join us at the game table. ALL of our guests are benefitting from the shipboard perks listed above and access to the other group amenities and swag.

What is the Deposit?

$250 per person secures your spot on the Cruise (you will be able to select your stateroom) and your Early Dining time (necessary for our gaming schedule). Book it NOW!

Can I cancel and get a full refund?
Yes, for now. We have several months of worry-free no-risk cancellation. As we get closer to departure, cancelation will result in only partial and then no refund. We will announce those dates as they are confirmed with the cruise line.

When is the Money due?
$250 Deposit: Please pay ASAP. This secures your room and dining time and allows us to negotiate more amenities from the cruise line.

Deposit Deadline: TBA
Final Cruise Payment Deadline: TBA
Adventure Passport Deadline: TBA

Cancelation Deadlines

Do I Need a Passport?

If you are a US citizen and if the cruise departs and returns to a USA port; you do not need a passport at this time.  You will need a government issue ID and a certified copy of a birth certificate.  If you are military, a legal resident or have any other documentation or ID other than the above, please contact us at Gamer Adventures and we will help you figure out exactly what you need.

What if I’m Travelling Solo?

Not a problem. We can help you find a roommate who is also part of our group. If you want a stateroom all to yourself, pricing is double occupancy (there are no 1-person rooms onboard) so you will have to pay for a second berth (no additional Adventure Pass needed).

Are Children Welcome?

Absolutely! Children under 18 do not need to purchase the Adventure Passport, but are welcome to game with us in age-appropriate games at any time and are welcome to group activities that are not specifically adults only (so that’s a no on the cocktail party). Camp Carnival is an onboard program for kids with extensive activities with arts and crafts, dances, swimming, slumber parties, etc.  It’s not just babysitting and it’s free most of the time. They do charge for services between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am.  There is also a teen program with hangouts, private discos, and a video arcade (extra). You can request rooms next to each other, adjoining, or across the hall depending on the age of the children.

Orlando Hotel Information