Savage Worlds Horror Companion Line Releases to Retail Next Week!

Published On: April 23, 2024Categories: Horror Companion for SWADE, New Release, News

While our new Savage Worlds Horror Companion can already be ordered directly from our online store, next Monday, April 29th, physical copies of the book and all the following support materials will be available to order from your FLGS (friendly local game store)!

💀 The Savage Worlds Horror CompanionThis 202-page hardcover book lets you recreate everything from the classic Universal® monster movies and Vault of Horror® comics to Lovecraftian cosmic horror to more modern fare like The Walking Dead®, the works of Stephen King, or bleeding edge psycho thrillers… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system! $39.99 USD.

đź’€ The Savage Worlds Horror Companion Pawn SetComing straight from the Savage Worlds Horror Companion, these thick, cardboard, individually die-cut characters with front AND back art are ready for you to pop out and play the moment they arrive at your table! This set includes over 100 investigators, undead, night creatures, terrifying blights, and more for your campaign! $29.99 USD.

💀 The Savage Worlds Horror Companion Archetype Card BoxThis set contains 36 full-color archetype cards in a sturdy storage box. Each 3.5″x5″ card features a ready-to-play character, ideal for convention games, pick-up games, or store play. $19.99 USD.

💀 The Savage Worlds Horror Companion Action DeckThis deck contains 54 oversized 3.5″ x 5″ playing cards to help keep track of the action around the table featuring art from the Horror Companion, perfect for your creepiest games. The Action Deck is used to count down initiative, determine random events, and much more. $19.99 USD.

Find out why Savage Worlds and horror go together like chainsaws and spraying blood with the new Savage Worlds Horror Companion!

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