Savage Worlds Kickstarter: “Support” Rules Preview!

Published On: September 18, 2018Categories: News

We’re now less than four weeks from the launch of the Kickstarter for the new Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition and the excitement around these parts is palpable!

For those curious about what’s in store in this new edition, here’s a little sneak peek from Pinnacle Entertainment Group President, Shane Hensley:

There’s so much in the new edition of Savage Worlds I think people are going to love, but maybe what’s most important is that we’ve still stayed as true to the “Fast! Furious! Fun!” mantra as we know how. We’ve streamlined and simplified everything we could, from how certain types of gear works all the way to creature Special Abilities.

Here’s a great example… Support!


Sometimes characters may want to cooperate on a task or help an ally with an upcoming action. If so, and the GM decides it’s possible, supporting characters roll whatever skill they feel is relevant (as an action if the game is in rounds). Success adds +1 to the lead character’s applicable total, and a raise adds +2. A Critical Failure on the support roll subtracts 2 from the lead’s total—sometimes extra hands just get in the way!
Remove all Support bonuses at the end of the character’s turn, whether he used them or not (perhaps by taking an action different than the one he was Supported for).
The maximum bonus from all Support rolls is +4. Strength tests are an exception—there’s no maximum bonus there. More help can lift heavier objects.
Players and Game Masters are encouraged to be creative when making Support rolls. An adventurer with Survival, for example, might make a roll to find useful herbs for an ally attempting a Healing test, or a galactic explorer with Science might calculate slingshot vectors that help a friend make a tricky Piloting roll to navigate to a new jump point.
General encouragement, by the way, is a Persuasion roll. Saying “You can do it!” or “Check your six!” are perfectly acceptable uses of Support.

Example: Gabe is the driver in a chase. Red points out a shortcut by yelling “Take the next left!” She rolls Common Knowledge and gets a raise. Gabe adds +2 to his next Driving roll.
Later on, Red is hit by a ricochet and is Shaken. Gabe yells “Toughen up, cowgirl! This ain’t your first rodeo!” and makes a Persuasion roll. He gets a success and Red adds +1 to her upcoming Spirit test to recover from being Shaken.

Next week, we’ll show you the Test rules…which replaces Tests of Will and Tricks. This should give you some insight into our approach after playing literally hundreds of games and listening to YOUR feedback for the last 15 years.

There’s so much more to show…new Chase rules, Quick Encounters (not just combat!), a Wealth system, Power Modifiers (first previewed in Flash Gordon™)…even simple things like Encumbrance.

And with a few skill or Edge name changes, it’s all still highly compatible with our previous settings.

We’re just a month away from the Kickstarter now…can’t wait to show you more!

~ Shane

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