Savage Worlds Makes More Top 10 Lists from 2019

Published On: January 7, 2020Categories: News
Savage Worlds on the Web

Last week, we posted about Savage Worlds getting a shout-out in the pages of Forbes(!) and this week, we’ve got a couple more Top 10 lists to share where Savage Worlds Adventure Edition got a little love.

First up, Game Informer, “the World’s #1 Video Game Magazine,” presents the Best Role-Playing Game Releases Of 2019 in which Savage Worlds Adventure Edition snags a spot alongside a number of other notable RPGs.

Contributor Matt Miller writes: “If you like the idea of role-playing games, but in practice you sometimes feel like the experience can get bogged down or feel too slow, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a game you should check out.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Secondly, our friends over at Victory Condition Gaming recently posted a YouTube video counting down the Top 10 Tabletop Role Playing Games of 2019. Spoilers… Host Douglas Shute drops Savage Worlds Adventure Edition into the number seven spot!

Check out the video here and be sure to follow Victory Condition Gaming on Facebook.

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