Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: January 23, 2024Categories: Doom Guard, Media, News

This week, prepare for some Fast, Furious, and FUN media over on our official PEG Twitch channel. And then next Tuesday morning, tune into the official Dice Tower YouTube channel for an exciting livestream you won’t want to miss!

📺 Thursday night at 9pm Eastern, join J-M DeFoggi in the Savage Universe for a chat with Meghan Caves and the rest of the Harbingers about their ongoing series of incredible Savage Worlds actual plays. If you missed their most recent series, the big shocking reveal (spoilers!) was that the story was set during the Deadlands: Hell on Earth timeline!

📺 Friday at 3pm Eastern, we’ll delve deep into the lore of Doom Guard and examine its direct links to the Necessary Evil setting with the one and only Clint Black (Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager).

🎲 Next Tuesday at 10am Eastern, make your way over to the official Dice Tower YouTube channel for a must-see Doom Guard Live Play!

Catch amazing shows, actual plays, and livestreams just like these, each and every week on our official Twitch and YouTube channels!

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