Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: March 30, 2021Categories: Media, News

We’ve got more Fast, Furious, and Fun media coming your way this week!

First up, on Thursday afternoon, Donald Schepis returns to chat about… Whatever you want!

That’s right, this time around, Donald is looking for input from you, the viewers, to pick a topic or two for a special April Fools’ Day edition of Design Corner.

Choose from one of the listed topics here or add your own! Simply click “Other” at the bottom of the list and enter your suggestion.

In the lead right now is Spellcasting in Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds with Mike Barbeau! Mike is part of our Pathfinder development team and the principal designer working on our version of Rise of the Runelords. You can also vote to hear Mike and Donald talk about the design of magic items or Prestige Edges for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds.

Get those votes in by Wednesday night at 11:00pm Eastern/8:00pm Pacific to be counted, and then watch the stream the following day (Thursday) at 5:00pm Eastern/2:00pm Pacific on the official PEG Twitch channel!

And speaking of Pathfinder, Friday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific, make your way over to the Dice Tyrants Twitch channel for the premiere of Dungeons of Discordia, a new livestream RPG series set in a fantasy world where the Goddess of Chaos has defeated the other gods and remade reality into a never-ending labyrinth.

Can a rotating cast of heroes survive their weekly delve into dark dungeons and unlock all the secrets to defeat Discordia and restore the world?

Dungeons of Discordia is a setting from the mind of Hugo Award-winning artist and frequent Pinnacle contributor, Cheyenne Wright, powered by the all-new Pathfinder for Savage Worlds rules.

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