Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: March 23, 2021Categories: Media, News

This week we’ve got some more exciting media content coming your way including a brand new installment of Design Corner with Donald Schepis and a Finals Cram Session (an End of Campaign Q&A with PEG staff) for our East Texas University: Study Abroad Booster Campaign!

Wednesday at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific), Donald Schepis continues his Design Corner discussion about running mysteries in your Savage Worlds games. Last week, he talked all about presenting mysteries to your players, but this week it’s all about forging those puzzles, including tools for creating noir-style challenges with lots of twists and turns!

Thursday at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific), meet up with a host of Pinnacle staff as we run out the clock on the East Texas University: Study Abroad Booster Campaign on Game On Tabletop. We’ll be live on Twitch to answer your questions and offer our heartfelt thanks for supporting the campaign.

Plus, dip into our official Twitch video archive to check out a couple relevant videos from last week including a discussion with Owen Lean, author of the Great Britain section of East Texas University: Study Abroad as well as a Q&A with original ETU co-creators, Preston DuBose and Ed Wetterman.

And if you miss anything, find videos like these and more over in the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group YouTube video archive.

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