Savage Worlds Summer Showcase — Week 2

Published On: July 5, 2022Categories: Media, News

This Thursday night starting at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific, make your way over to the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group Twitch channel for week two of our Savage Worlds Summer Showcase!

This time around, hosts Harlan Guthrie and Jo Fallak are joined by Savage Worlds “Ace” James “Jim” Davenport (Black Dog Squad & Bad Actors), SWAG designer Manuel Sambs (Sprawlrunners), and Media Network creators Anthony “Dice Barbarian” Carlson and frequent Pinnacle contributor, Cheyenne Wright (Valore Studios, Axion).

And speaking of Axion, you don’t want to miss the premiere of this brand new actual play series premiering tonight, Tuesday, July 5th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific over on the Valore Studios Twitch channel:

“A group of mysterious passengers, on a spaceship traveling through aether space, are thrown into a deadly rush for survival as a reality-breaking catastrophe pulls the ship to its doom.”

Axion is a TTRPG web series based in a Victorian steampunk – space opera setting. It features an array of beautiful characters, fast-paced action, and captivating roleplay.

This original Savage Worlds setting was created by multiple Hugo award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright, who also created all of the show art and videos. Cheyenne will also be the GM/Narrator for the game.

The cast includes Meghan Caves (Gone Rogue Entertainment, Saving Throw), Tay Van Biljon (the Backwater Bastards podcast, Running Fey Wild by Nat1Fun), Candace the Magnificent (toddmoonbounce, Valore Studios), Kai Roché (Valore Studios), and Gregory Festo (1n20DnD, Valore Studios).

Axion blasts off into the aether tonight at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific on Twitch!

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