Savaging Your Favorite Rifts® Ideas—FREE!

Published On: March 31, 2020Categories: News

From the very first day the Savage Rifts® project was announced as a reality, the most requested companion has been a “conversion guide,” something fans can use to bring their favorite things from the massive library of Rifts® books published by Palladium Books, Inc., into Savage Worlds.

Now, with this FREE, 15-page supplement, not only can you easily port ideas from the vast amount of material in Palladium’s Rifts® library into Savage Worlds, you’ll also learn how to translate pretty much ANY concept into something you can use in Savage Rifts®. This file was updated by Sean Roberson for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the new Savage Rifts® North America books.

Download Savaging Your Favorite Rifts® Ideas from our store today and unlock the entire Megaverse® for your Savage Rifts® games!

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