Science Fiction or Fantasy? Two New Adventures for Savage Worlds!

Published On: October 15, 2019Categories: News

Now available in our store, two brand new PDF adventures for Savage Worlds!

First up, it’s The Greatest Treasure: A Fantasy Savage Tale!

War has come to the realm!

In these dark and troubled times, the king and his council must make hard decisions on how best to preserve the kingdom. Unfortunately, this turmoil also provides opportunities for those who wish to advance their own selfish interests.

This tale is set in a typical “swords & sorcery” medieval fantasy setting and is designed for 3-5 Seasoned characters.

For our second all-new adventure, the heroes travel to the distant future and the far side of the galaxy in Moon at the Edge of Oblivion: A SciFi Savage Tale!

A Mystery in the Depths of Space

In the distant future, humanity has expanded out of its own solar system to the very edges of the galaxy. The cosmically rich take “hypercruises,” allowing them to see the most spectacular parts of the universe from the comfort of luxurious cabins. One such cruiser of the DestinyCorp fleet, the Dougherty, recently vanished without a trace while on a piloting voyage.

The Dougherty had just come into orbit of a truly unique phenomenon, a moon orbiting a black hole, Scylla and Charybdis, respectively. Charybdis, the name DestinyCorp gave the black hole, is the first humanity has seen of its kind. Scylla, a moon made of ice, impossibly orbits the black hole. It was anticipated that this would be the veritable jewel in the crown of the Dougherty’s newest cruise voyage, but as soon as it arrived to its destination all traces of the ship vanished.

Wanting to discover what happened to its prized cruise liner, DestinyCorp dispatched a small shuttle to embark on a recovery mission—your mission!

The Greatest Treasure and Moon at the Edge of Oblivion are Savage Tales for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system. A copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is optimal.

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