Scott Woodard Brings You the News from Pinnacle!

Published On: May 2, 2017Categories: News

groupThe King is dead, long live The King!

Yep, you heard right, savages. After several years of expertly compiling and presenting the most exciting, up-to-the-minute Savage Worlds news each and every week, the great Joel Kinstle, math teacher extraordinaire, has abdicated his journalistic throne to focus his Power Points elsewhere for a little while.

Which leads us to me (the guy in the red shirt in the attached photo).

I’m Scott Woodard, the mad writer behind The Sixth Gun Roleplaying Game, the forthcoming Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game, and a host of other publications and productions including a handful of Doctor Who audio dramas, non-fiction books, and a pile of pop culture podcasts. I’ve also worked in on-air marketing as an award-winning writer/producer for network television, plus I occasionally build monsters for the movies. No, seriously!

For the foreseeable future, I’ll be your go to guy for official inside scoop from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, passing along all the latest news from our many amazing licensees, and sharing interesting odds-and-ends of interest to all fans of Savage Worlds.

Let’s shuffle up those action cards and get started.

Yes, I want to hear about new products, sales, and news from the community!