Shane Hensley Talks Magic Systems at Worldbuilding Con 2023

Published On: March 21, 2023Categories: Events, Media, News

This past weekend, Worldbuilding Con 2023 – a first-of-its-kind virtual event focused exclusively on worldbuilding essentials for fiction and gaming – welcomed a host of renowned experts and industry insiders to their slate of incredible and FREE online seminars.

One of those discussions was titled Magic Systems in Worldbuilding and included Pinnacle President, Shane Hensley along with Keith Baker, creator of the Eberron setting for Dungeons & Dragons, and Celeste Conowitch of Kobold Press:

“Our panel of experts is ready to bring the magic! Join us as we think through the mechanics of magic systems. Consider how different magic systems affect combat balance and action economy in gaming. Learn how different styles of magic can contribute to your fictional world’s overall theme and premise.”

Watch this terrific panel here and be sure to check out the event’s sponsor, WorldAnvil, offering a suite of tools for managing your RPG campaigns or writing your novels.

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