Ship Together! Deadlands: Lost Colony & Wendigo Tales Kickstarters

Published On: November 19, 2019Categories: News

We are now in the home stretch for our Kickstarters for Deadlands: Lost Colony and Wendigo Tales: Book One!

As of this writing, Wendigo Tales (a Kickstarter “Project We Love”) is less than $1,500 from unlocking our next exciting Stretch Goal — Wendigo Tales: Book Zero in PDF! These three collections feature original stories of Necessary Evil, The Last Parsec, and Weird Wars by incredible authors such as John Wick (7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings), Ed Stark (D&D, Elder Scrolls Online), Clint Black (Necessary Evil), Tim Brown (Dark Sun, The Last Parsec), Cameron Dayton (Blizzard, Activision), Christine Thompson (Star Trek Online), Kevin Andrew Murphy (MAGE, Wild Cards), Steven Long (Champions, Hero System), Ed Wetterman (East Texas University), Jon Leitheusser (WizKids), and of course our own Shane Lacy Hensley.

Should we raise at least $20,000 for Wendigo Tales, we’ll unlock an all-new Deadlands audio drama written by Scott Woodard ( Flash Gordon™ ) and featuring the voices of Hugo-award-winning artist and writer, Cheyenne Wright, as well as Pinnacle Community Manager Ron Blessing.

Meanwhile, over on the planet Banshee, our Kickstarter for Deadlands: Lost Colony recently unlocked three new ready-to-play character Archetype Cards to add to already-unlocked Harrowed Cards, Powers Cards, Figure Flats, and fiction and adventure material in PDF. And we’re now less than $1,000 from unlocking our next stretch goal — a new set of print-and-play Lost Colony-specific Power Templates!

Best of all, running both projects concurrently means supporters of both can combine their physical rewards to ship in one package! We know shipping costs can be tricky, so there’s a shipping table on the main page showing the maximum amount you’ll pay.

Help us unlock these and even more stretch goals by pledging your support and sharing these projects on social media!

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