Showdown at Sundown for Deadlands: the Weird West

Published On: August 18, 2020Categories: News

Now available for Deadlands: the Weird West

The town of Sundown is a lot like many others on the frontier. It’s a boomtown struggling with growing into an actual part of civilization. But look a little closer at Sundown and you’ll see something deeper and darker in the shadows of the Weird West. Rumors have reached the Twilight Legion and your posse has been sent to investigate. The action is equal parts fightin’, conversatin’, and sleuthin’—and classic Weird Western horror at every turn!

Showdown at Sundown is a 32-page adventure for Seasoned heroes (our Deadlands Archetype Cards are perfectly suited to this tale of Western weirdness).

Something wicked is going down in the town of Sundown—are your heroes up to the challenge of stopping them?

Let’s ride!

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