Sixth Gun RPG Double Creature Feature!

Published On: September 22, 2015Categories: News

The Sixth Gun Creature Feature: The Great WyrmsThe Sixth Gun Creature Feature: Griselda the Grey WitchStrap on a big pair of fearshooters for The Sixth Gun RPG with today’s two new Creature Features!

Creature Feature: Griselda the Grey Witch introduces you to one of the most mysterious figures in The Sixth Gun comic and RPG. Not only do you get to learn about her origins, but you also get the Savage Tale Shack Attack!, the talisman Lair from the Loam, and the relic Griselda’s Cauldron.

And you’ll forget all about the wind beneath your wings when you realize what evil lies beneath your feet! Creature Feature: The Great Wyrms brings you the evil, ancient monsters at the heart of the creation of The Six, guns with the power to remake all of creation. You’ll get background information on the Great Wyrms, the awesome relic the wyrmskull, and two Savage Tales—Once Frostbitten and Disciple of Dragons.

At only $2.99 apiece, these are truly a fearsome bargain to behold. Be sure check out the other support materials for The Sixth Gun RPG while you’re at it!


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