Sixth Gun RPG Figure Flats Updated

Published On: November 17, 2015Categories: News

The Sixth Gun RPG Figure FlatsSometimes, the Weird West is a giving place. This week, it’s giving you an updated copy of the Sixth Gun RPG Figure Flats that now includes the Thunderbird, Winter Wolf, Great Wyrms, Serpent Men, and the legendary Griselda.

Sometimes, “giving” isn’t necessarily “good.” At least it’s the same great art from our great friend Cheyenne Wright, based on the work of Brian Hurtt. Good luck with those additions, amigos!

You can download an updated file from either the Pinnacle Web Store or DriveThruRPG, depending on where you bought your PDF.

And, yes, if you’ve got those electronic eagle eyes, you might’ve already spotted this announcement on the Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter page. It’s the same update, if you’ve already done that.

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