Solomon Kane Heads Homeward

Published On: December 31, 2019Categories: News

Today, as we stand at the dawn of a new year, Pinnacle Entertainment Group officially bids farewell to The Savage World of Solomon Kane Roleplaying Game.

Based upon the incredible works of author Robert E. Howard and first published back in 2007, The Savage World of Solomon Kane, written by Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams and Shane Lacy Hensley (with additional material by Randy Mosiondz and Piotr Korys), has proven to be one of Pinnacle’s most popular lines for Savage Worlds.

If you have not already added this Savage Setting to your collection, this is your LAST CHANCE as the rights to the legendary puritan swordsman return to Cabinet Entertainment at midnight tonight. After that, all Solomon Kane products will vanish from our site and, for both PDF and print + PDF sales. PDFs stored in your account will be accessible, but no more sales will occur.

Solomon Kane

Visit our store now and order The Savage World of Solomon Kane core rulebook, The Path of Kane, The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane, and the Traveler’s Tales adventure collection, all for a whopping 40% off their cover prices.

And don’t forget to download all the freebies there as well including the Solomon Kane Conversion for Adventure Edition document, our three One Sheet adventures including Blood Feast, The Forgotten Victim, and The Lincoln Imp, GM Screen Inserts, Character and Ally Sheets, and The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane Map Pack.

And Solomon Kane looked up into the silent hills and felt the silent call of the hills and the unguessed distances beyond; and Solomon Kane shifted his belt, took his staff firmly in his hand and turned his face eastward.” ~ Robert E. Howard

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