Some Exciting VTT Updates PLUS a Sneak Peek at Rifts® on Foundry VTT

Published On: November 16, 2021Categories: News, VTT

This week, not only is our crack Virtual Tabletop Conversion Team excited to announce a few updates and improvements to some of our hottest Roll20 and Foundry VTT products, they also wanted to share a little sneak peek at some of the work that’s being done with Savage Rifts® for Foundry VTT.

First up, over on Roll20, Autolinker issues—particularly those with the Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Core Rules—have been cleaned up as much as possible, but we do continue to recommend SEARCHING to find things over there as Roll20 compendiums are fully searchable both on the web and in-app on the VTT.

Second, there have been a number of updates and bug fixes to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules and Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Core Rules over on Foundry VTT, many of which were suggested by you, our fans!

SWADE Core Rules (Release 1.0.6):

  • Added a Special Abilities compendium for use on creatures
  • Updated the Bestiary to use Special Abilities
  • Created Improvised Weapons in the Gear Section
  • Created Natural Claws/Bite/Horns in the Gear Section for use as a template
  • Added the Injury Table from the book in the journal entry vs relying on the rolltable
  • Added Drag and Drop Races compendium
  • Added Active effect for Parry since it can be disabled in the offhand

Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Core Rules (Release 1.0.3) also has a few new features:

  • Savage Pathfinder Action Deck!
  • Stream Template added along with Blast and Cone templates!
  • Added Improvised Weapons as available gear
  • Add Natural Bite, Claw and Horns as templates to modify for your creatures

And as for that Rifts® for Savage Worlds sneak peek, take a gander at this screencap of what’s coming your way in the upcoming Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide for Foundry VTT:

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