Guns Blazing

By PK Levine

The heroes stop at the tiny town of Ruckus, and quickly notice all the adults range from tipsy to drunk. Sheriff Gomez explains that their well is contaminated, so no one feels safe drinking anything unfermented; he tries to barter for water purification tablets or brewer’s yeast. He explains this extreme measure is due to a rash of sudden, unprovoked murders.

“Bill Nix decapitated his neighbor, swears he doesn’t know why. Lady Wyse did her husband and two kids, then confessed crying and shot herself. Them and three others, all in the past month. And every single one drank water beforehand!”

Science tests show the well water is clean, and Healing or Science tests show no blood contamination in the murderers. All tests are at -2 without appropriate sensors/gear. Bill will mention he blacked out for the murder and thought he heard laughter just before and afterward. An Occult roll suggests an evil spirit; a raise suggests a possessing entity. (The “water” theory was a desperate town grasping at straws.)

The possessing entity, Egyn, wants to destroy the town as a whole rather than destroying one person’s life. Once the truth is exposed, Egyn will attempt to possess a hero to slay the others, while calling forth his ethereal minions.

  • [WC] Egyn: Possessing Entity; see Blood and Banes.
  • Haunting Entities (1 per 2 heroes): The enslaved souls of victims; see Blood and Banes.