Soul Changers, the First Rippers: Resurrected Novel

Published On: April 12, 2022Categories: Fiction, News

Later this year, Outrider Publications, the imprint from Outland Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group, will release in hardcover print Rippers: Soul Changers, the first original, full-length novel based on the roleplaying game, Rippers: Resurrected.

Inspired in part by the original Penny Dreadfuls, Rippers is a setting for Savage Worlds where agents of good fight a secret Cabal led by vampires, demons, and deranged scientists bent on ruling the world. Monks, priestesses, inventors, mages, hunters, soldiers, and explorers come together, determined to thwart the Cabal — even if it means replacing their body parts with those of the monsters they kill.

When Ripper agent Mizzi Kaspar hears of the Hapsburg heir Prince Rudolf’s death, she almost hopes it’s true. Instead, she fears her former lover has been turned by Baroness Mary Vetsera, Dracula’s most devious lieutenant. Vetsera’s evil machinations seem aimed directly at Mizzi, the Rippers, and the Habsburg dynasty. Enter the wildcard: Rey Knappe. Whose side will the enigmatic stranger take? Could his ability to transform from man to demon be a curse or part of Vetsera’s master plan? And if Mizzi trusts him, does she risk only her heart…or an entire Empire?

Rippers: Soul Changers is written by author, editor, and screenwriter David Boop, whose written works include She Murdered Me with Science and The Drowned Horse Chronicle. Additionally, he edited the bestselling Straight Outta weird western anthology series from Baen and contributed to the Kingdoms of Mongo sourcebook for the Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game.

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